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Arizona Attacks Planned Parenthood via Taxes

April 19, 2011

Gerri Santoro died from a botched home abortion procedure

Arizona recently passed  HB 2384 which no longer qualifies donations to Planned Parenthood as receiving tax credit under the Working Poor Charitable Tax Credit.

Despite the fact that under previous laws, funding form the federal government for abortion is prohibited anyways (private donations towards abortion are accepted), now the GOP has attacked citizen’s generosity and concern for their fellow human beings. Despite what Jon Kyl may or may not have intended as a factual statement, Planned Parenthood provides a myriad of services for both men and women of all ages and classes (although I hearWalgreens is now providing pap smears and mammograms).

Let’s be honest: people (either consensually or forced) have sex. And sometimes women (planned or unplanned) get pregnant from it. And sometimes they decided that carrying a pregnancy to term is simply not a possibility (PS, the majority [60%] of women who get abortions already have children (source available upon request)). So we as a society can either provide them a supportive environment to undergo a safe medical procedure or allow them to carry it out at home with coat hangers, electric cords, purchased surgical equipment, illicit medications, or self harm to the body.

Every anti-abortion bill, law, and supporter is not only responsible for what happened to Gerri Santoro, but will continue to have the blood of all of those who suffer severe injury or death by self-abortion on their hands. To deny women health care is to perpetuate acts of violence upon them.

Go forth and hate.

And oh yeah, images within this post may be disturbing to some. DEAL WITH REALITY.

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  1. May 14, 2011 3:25 am

    I can’t seem to access this site from my smartphone!!

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