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Abstience Panties and the Ultimate Hypocrisy

April 18, 2011

Note, this is not an acutal product from, but its infinitely funnier.

So lately there has been some hype concerning’s (I’m not going to link them because they’re twats) line of underwear concerning abstinence. Their catch phrase: “What would your mother do?” is filled with contridicitons. Clearly, your mother would fuck. She’s reproduced, therefore, she’s had sex.

Holy fuck. Did I just blow your mind?

So instead of teaching women to have healthy relationships with their own sexuality through discussion and communication on sexual pleasure, consent, agency, and realistic statistics concerning the benefits of waiting to delay sexual intercourse (such as having an informed understanding of sex tends to naturally lead to decisions to wait longer to engage in intercourse, which reduces number of partners, which reduces exposures to STDs [duh].)

But no, let’s continue to demonize women’s sexuality and slut shame, but make it cutesy and available in pastel colors. Maybe their ridiculously long, boy short design should contain a little condom holding pocket.

Oh fine, here’s a link to their site:
What Would Your Mother Do?

Go forth and hate.

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