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The America’s Next Top Model Drinking Game

November 4, 2010

Some of you might have seen this over on Dr. Sangfroid’s blog, but this was actually a collaboration from way back before The Hating Expert and it seemed to good not to share.

Obviously you’ll need to be watching the show, but the rules go as follow:

Take one drink if:
-Tyra says something crazy
-Tyra says something about Tyra
-A girl calls another “bitch”
-A girl says the word “ghetto”
-Girl trips on the runway
-Tyra says to “smile with your eyes”
-Girl cries about how hard life is for her
-Miss Jay rolls his eyes back and gasps
-Accidental racist remark made by a white girl
-Janice (or any of her subsequent replacements, based on the season) makes a disgusted face
-The word “fierce” is said
-Someone claims “This is my dream!”
-A girl is criticized as being “too commercial”

Take two drinks if:
-Tyra says something about the “dark side of modeling” or the “ugly side of fashion”
-Previews show something crazy happening but it’s just a trick
-Girl mentions her baby at home
-Girl accidently comes out about her sexual orientation
-Miss Jay/Mr. Jay make awkward gay advances/flirting on straight men
-Girl starts a sentence with “In my country…”
-Girl tries to explain herself by repeating the same word over and over
-Girl says “I’m not here to make friends”

Finish drink if:
-Tyra fakes an injury/illness as a way of tricking the girls into learning something new (aspect of modeling, upcoming trip, impending photo shoot theme, etc.)
-Girl comes down with a mysterious illness before a major photo shoot.

Have fun drinking and hating!!

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