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Guest Post: An Ode To The Hating Expert

July 13, 2010

Guest Post written by: Lisa

We all have moments of weakness. It can be anything. It could be sitting there staring at a particular person’s number on your phone, thumb practically begging you to press the button that will instantly have you connected to the guy or gal you have been thinking about compulsively for the past few hours (Or let’s be honest here. Days? Weeks? Months?). And what about the other relationships? I’m not just talking about those break ups that have you obsessing about every other moment the two of you spent together.

This is a universal weak point. I know I’m not the only one who has in times of anger called her friend a hoebag, told her to take a hike, and ended up with a triumphant (if not a little smug) smile on my face. A bit later, though, the regret set in. Holy crap! What did I just do? We’ve been friends for years! Who will I call when I need to talk to someone? Who will I go to the movies with or tell stories to about my crazy parents?

Loneliness can get to the better of us. And yes, it’s not wrong to want to reconnect with people you have previously viewed as not worth the effort, but sometimes you have to pause and reflect. Why did you push his or her sorry ass to the curb in the first place? If you’re like me, with a high tolerance for other people’s bullshit, what event made you get to the point of bursting? Because no matter how many good times the two of you had, you are most likely better off without the excess of drama. Not only is it a waste of time, but it can be both mentally and physically hurtful if your previous comrade made you feel negatively about yourself. If you have released yourself from a bad relationship, intimate or otherwise, do not go crawling back into it because you miss having someone to pal around with.

There was a reason you freed yourself from the lowly dirtbag or manwhore or sleaze or _______ (insert insult of choice) to begin with. Keep these reasons in mind before you do something really bad, like letting him or her back into your life.

Go forth and hate (an activity you can do all by yourself!).

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