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Protesting Arizona? Alright, But Do You Know How Stupid You Sound?

May 19, 2010

As anyone with a drop of sense was aware would happen, the passage of Arizona’s SB1070 has caused quite the shit storm. People who are upset about the law are entitled to be so. However, it’s important  to remember that it’s the law that is the issue, not the people who live there. Most Arizonans were completely unaware of the bill until shortly before it’s passage, had nothing to do with its drafting, and have protested it vehemently. So to claim that people in Arizona are racist is a completely ludicrous statement (almost as ridiculous as using Facebook groups as a major way to protest politics).

Fueling this stupidity are the cities who have decided to somehow “protest Arizona.” How do they plan to accomplish this? By no longer buying products from here? Okay. That seems feasible, despite the huge waste of time and money it would take to renegotiate these purchases from elsewhere. Or are they going to turn away visitors from such a “racist” state when they try to check in at hotels or make purchases? Is there anyone who would honestly turn down the chance to make a profit, especially during a time of economic difficulty? Unlikely.

To me, it seems like this ploy is nothing more than a way to attract potential tourists. “See how morally sound yet simultaneously progressive the city of Townsville is? Doesn’t this seem like a great a place to take the kids on vacation? Or even MOVE to?” FUCK YES CITY OF TOWNSVILLE, YOU BET I’LL PACK UP MY CROTCH PARASITES AND VISIT YOUR ILLUSTRIOUS COMMUNITY WHILE COMPLETELY OVERLOOKING YOUR OWN POLICIES REGARDING ILLEGALS.

And the celebrity protests? All I can manage is a simple who the fuck cares? Do you have a history of human rights involvement where a camera and/or reporter weren’t involved? Do you have a background in law, criminal justice, or the U.S.’s history of illegal immigration policy? Or is it simply that your star has been dimming, and you need some way to remind the public that you are somehow still relevant in an era when your greatest hits can be easily pirated and there’s no incentive to see your lackluster stage show?

So continue to protest Arizona all you want, but remember, you sound like an ignorant motherfucker who makes sweeping generalizations about 6,595,778 people.

Go forth and hate (the law, not the people).

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