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The Hating Expert Has Moved!!

November 27, 2011

The Hating Expert has moved to a new site. Please visit to see the new re-launch!


Arizona Attacks Planned Parenthood via Taxes

April 19, 2011

Gerri Santoro died from a botched home abortion procedure

Arizona recently passed  HB 2384 which no longer qualifies donations to Planned Parenthood as receiving tax credit under the Working Poor Charitable Tax Credit.

Despite the fact that under previous laws, funding form the federal government for abortion is prohibited anyways (private donations towards abortion are accepted), now the GOP has attacked citizen’s generosity and concern for their fellow human beings. Despite what Jon Kyl may or may not have intended as a factual statement, Planned Parenthood provides a myriad of services for both men and women of all ages and classes (although I hearWalgreens is now providing pap smears and mammograms).

Let’s be honest: people (either consensually or forced) have sex. And sometimes women (planned or unplanned) get pregnant from it. And sometimes they decided that carrying a pregnancy to term is simply not a possibility (PS, the majority [60%] of women who get abortions already have children (source available upon request)). So we as a society can either provide them a supportive environment to undergo a safe medical procedure or allow them to carry it out at home with coat hangers, electric cords, purchased surgical equipment, illicit medications, or self harm to the body.

Every anti-abortion bill, law, and supporter is not only responsible for what happened to Gerri Santoro, but will continue to have the blood of all of those who suffer severe injury or death by self-abortion on their hands. To deny women health care is to perpetuate acts of violence upon them.

Go forth and hate.

And oh yeah, images within this post may be disturbing to some. DEAL WITH REALITY.

Abstience Panties and the Ultimate Hypocrisy

April 18, 2011

Note, this is not an acutal product from, but its infinitely funnier.

So lately there has been some hype concerning’s (I’m not going to link them because they’re twats) line of underwear concerning abstinence. Their catch phrase: “What would your mother do?” is filled with contridicitons. Clearly, your mother would fuck. She’s reproduced, therefore, she’s had sex.

Holy fuck. Did I just blow your mind?

So instead of teaching women to have healthy relationships with their own sexuality through discussion and communication on sexual pleasure, consent, agency, and realistic statistics concerning the benefits of waiting to delay sexual intercourse (such as having an informed understanding of sex tends to naturally lead to decisions to wait longer to engage in intercourse, which reduces number of partners, which reduces exposures to STDs [duh].)

But no, let’s continue to demonize women’s sexuality and slut shame, but make it cutesy and available in pastel colors. Maybe their ridiculously long, boy short design should contain a little condom holding pocket.

Oh fine, here’s a link to their site:
What Would Your Mother Do?

Go forth and hate.

The Norwegian Menstruation Invasion

December 1, 2010

I have always assumed that Norway is a more progressive country than the United States. However, as the saying goes, ‘when you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.” It is apparently not unheard of for companies to monitor their employees bathroom use. For all of the U.S.’s classed, bass ackwards, old boys’ club ways of doing things, I can’t really think of a legitimate company (excluding the ones who hire [usually illegal] immigrants and abuse the shit out of them) that could get away with this without a giant media shit storm.

Some businesses have taken it a step further, and required that their employees to request electric key cards to gain access to the bathroom, sign a “visitors book”, and have even set up video surveillance outside of the restroom to catch unlawful pissers.

Possibly though, the greatest privacy violation though is what is happening to the female employees: they are now required to wear red bracelets to work when they menstruate to justify more frequent trips to the bathroom.

What the fuck.

While I have long since passed the point where I am embarrassed to buy tampons, in fact I parade around with them in front of me and watch people’s uncomfortable reactions, I still don’t want to be forced to announce it to the public. I am familiar with the experience of having to ask to go to the bathroom to attend to “personal matters” (I used to work at a resident treatment facility and do to the nature of the work, our clients could NEVER be unsupervised and my supervisor was a raging dick head more concerned with terrorizing kids than doing his job), but it’s one thing to request it on one-on-one and quite another to broadcast it with a bright red piece of string tied to your wrist like a kid in elementary school who’s lazy at arts and crafts.

I can understand a company’s want to cut down on wasting time in the bathroom, but there is a clear difference in behavior between someone who needs to piss or change a tampon with someone who is trying to “stick it to the man.” To punish everyone with such a disgusting and invasive privacy in 2010 is ridiculous and completely midevial. This practice labels women as “other” and is a complete violation of privacy.

What would you do if your work place required special identification for that time of the month?

Source Article

The America’s Next Top Model Drinking Game

November 4, 2010

Some of you might have seen this over on Dr. Sangfroid’s blog, but this was actually a collaboration from way back before The Hating Expert and it seemed to good not to share.

Obviously you’ll need to be watching the show, but the rules go as follow:

Take one drink if:
-Tyra says something crazy
-Tyra says something about Tyra
-A girl calls another “bitch”
-A girl says the word “ghetto”
-Girl trips on the runway
-Tyra says to “smile with your eyes”
-Girl cries about how hard life is for her
-Miss Jay rolls his eyes back and gasps
-Accidental racist remark made by a white girl
-Janice (or any of her subsequent replacements, based on the season) makes a disgusted face
-The word “fierce” is said
-Someone claims “This is my dream!”
-A girl is criticized as being “too commercial”

Take two drinks if:
-Tyra says something about the “dark side of modeling” or the “ugly side of fashion”
-Previews show something crazy happening but it’s just a trick
-Girl mentions her baby at home
-Girl accidently comes out about her sexual orientation
-Miss Jay/Mr. Jay make awkward gay advances/flirting on straight men
-Girl starts a sentence with “In my country…”
-Girl tries to explain herself by repeating the same word over and over
-Girl says “I’m not here to make friends”

Finish drink if:
-Tyra fakes an injury/illness as a way of tricking the girls into learning something new (aspect of modeling, upcoming trip, impending photo shoot theme, etc.)
-Girl comes down with a mysterious illness before a major photo shoot.

Have fun drinking and hating!!

The Manifesto of Me

October 20, 2010

Sometimes I like to write things that don’t contain the words “dick” or “fuck.”

The Manifesto of Me

I learn. I grow.
I change. I break.

I put myself back together.

I reinvent. I create. I destroy.
I am choice. I am passion.

I am a force of nature.

I am flawed.
I am strong.

Nothing like me has ever been or will be again.

I am unique. I am vibrant. I am energy.
I hurt. I heal. I am wonder. I am mystery.

My soul is a song that cannot be understood.

I live.
I am.


Guest Post: An Ode To The Hating Expert

July 13, 2010

Guest Post written by: Lisa

We all have moments of weakness. It can be anything. It could be sitting there staring at a particular person’s number on your phone, thumb practically begging you to press the button that will instantly have you connected to the guy or gal you have been thinking about compulsively for the past few hours (Or let’s be honest here. Days? Weeks? Months?). And what about the other relationships? I’m not just talking about those break ups that have you obsessing about every other moment the two of you spent together.

This is a universal weak point. I know I’m not the only one who has in times of anger called her friend a hoebag, told her to take a hike, and ended up with a triumphant (if not a little smug) smile on my face. A bit later, though, the regret set in. Holy crap! What did I just do? We’ve been friends for years! Who will I call when I need to talk to someone? Who will I go to the movies with or tell stories to about my crazy parents?

Loneliness can get to the better of us. And yes, it’s not wrong to want to reconnect with people you have previously viewed as not worth the effort, but sometimes you have to pause and reflect. Why did you push his or her sorry ass to the curb in the first place? If you’re like me, with a high tolerance for other people’s bullshit, what event made you get to the point of bursting? Because no matter how many good times the two of you had, you are most likely better off without the excess of drama. Not only is it a waste of time, but it can be both mentally and physically hurtful if your previous comrade made you feel negatively about yourself. If you have released yourself from a bad relationship, intimate or otherwise, do not go crawling back into it because you miss having someone to pal around with.

There was a reason you freed yourself from the lowly dirtbag or manwhore or sleaze or _______ (insert insult of choice) to begin with. Keep these reasons in mind before you do something really bad, like letting him or her back into your life.

Go forth and hate (an activity you can do all by yourself!).